What is HELIONIX™?
HELIONIX™ ecosystem consists of:
(1) Waste Conversion - an innovative technology for processing waste, the recovery of valuable commodities and major reductions in carbon emissions. The technologically advanced transportable waste processing innovation redefines the balance between economics and environment sustainability.
(2) Energy Generation - produces clean renewable energy from otherwise lost waste heat with organic fluid 'heat-exchange-compressor-expander' technology. Waste heat can now be utilised to generate new, additional and low cost energy for local communities.
(3) Food Production - a sustainably integrated food growing system where fresh, abundant organic food is cultivated anywhere and at any time.
What problems is HELIONIX™ solving?
HELIONIX™ is solving a critical global environmental disaster relating to WASTE. It provides:
- environmentally friendly WASTE processing,
- efficient clean ENERGY generation,
- abundant organic FOOD production,
- secure blockchain based SMART CONTRACTS.
What is KOSMEUM™?
KOSMEUM™ is a multi-blockchain global network that provides access to the digital domain. Its core function is to enable transactions, secure digital ledgers and provide authenticity of participants. Within the HELIONIX™ ecosystem KOSMEUM™ provides a direct link between the Waste Owner and a Carbon Trading Exchange.
What is Helio Planet?
Helio Planet is the global operations entity that manufactures, installs, operates, monitors and supports the Helio Reactor Units (HRU).
What is Neogeni?
Neogeni is the global entity that manufactures and provides the energy production units to attach to the Helio Reactor Units (HRU).
What platform is HELIONIX™ using?
The HELIONIX™ ecosystem platform is provided by KOSMEUM™.
What is multi-blockchain?
Multi-blockchain technology will revolutionise the blockchain ecosystem by providing purpose built functionality that is tuned to the specific operations it is intended for. KOSMEUM will launch with three blockchains one for each function type. These synched blockchains will each have core blockchain functionality and unique functional characteristics. One of these blockchains will be dedicated to the complex transactions involved within the Waste-To-Energy-To-Food process.